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Coaching and Tuition

If you're looking to improve your chess with personal tuition then Lewisham Chess Club have options for members and non-members alike


**Note that prices may differ for face to face / online lessons where not specified**

GM Bogdan Lalic

Coaching Level :  to Advanced

Age Range:  18+

Platform : Zoom


Evenings and weekends

£20 hr - open to Lewisham Chess Club Members only.  Enquire to our club secretary, Andrew Craig

Awarded Grandmaster title in 1988, peak FIDE rating of 2600

Ashley Stewart

Coaching Level- Beginner to Advanced (all levels)

Age Range- All ages

Platform : Zoom+Lichess  and/or Face-2-Face

Individual Flexible schedule (please enquire)

Lewisham members (including casual) £25 per hour

Junior members (including casual) £20 per hour

**Initial trial session: Half price of the above**


2200+ ECF. Highest FIDE rating to date: 2176 Best tournaments to date: 4NCL 17/18 2350+ Rating Performance (consisted of playing board 2 against GMs and IMs in around half the matches in Division 1) and Gibraltar Masters 2019 2310+ Rating performance- 1st place winner of 2050-2149 rating prize. 

email :

Dimitris Kolomvas

Coaching Level : Beginner to Intermediate (ECF 160 / 1900)

Age Range: Children 6+ and Adults

Platform : Skype / Zoom  and/or Face-2-Face

Individual or Group Lessons (max 5)

Flexible Schedule (please enquire)

Price £20/hr

"As a teacher, I take inspiration from the Socratic method, meaning that lessons are interactive and together we will explore and ask questions which help you to progress based on genuine understanding"

Madara Orlovska

Coaching Level : Beginner to Advanced (ELO 2000)

Age Range: Children 5+ and Adults

Platform : Zoom /

Individual / Group  (group lessons available only for siblings/family members)

Flexible Schedule (please enquire)

Lewisham members (children) = free 1hr per week per person

Lewisham members (adults) = £15/hr

Non-Lewisham members = £30/hr

2019 Women's British Rapidplay Champion


Jude Ranga Samarasinghe

Coaching Level: Beginner to Advanced

Age Range: kids (5+) and adults

Platform: Zoom /

Group (min 2; max 8)

Availability: Weekday evenings and Saturdays

Lewisham members (children) = £5/hr

Lewisham members (adults) = £5/hr

Non-Lewisham members = £10/hr


Hope Chess School Online | Facebook

William Jones

Coaching Level : Any

Age Range: Any

Platform : Skype

Individual Lessons

Flexible Schedule (please enquire)

Price £25/hr for beginner/novice players.  £30/hr for intermediate or advanced level players


William Jones Chess Channel (YouTube) :

"Lessons can include going through previously played games, playing games together and looking at chess puzzles"

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